Skrewdriver – Radar Love!

May 13th, 2015


Damn good cover song!

– BDL1983

Christogenea Radio: The Holodomor – Jewish Terror Famines in the Ukraine

May 12th, 2015

Daily Stormer
May 10, 2015

Yes, this Holocaust actually happened!

Yes, this Holocaust actually happened!

William Finck goes into great detail explaining the two terror-famines that took place in the Ukraine.

The after effects of this horrific and genuine holocaust are still being felt and the wounds are still raw.

This information took many years before it finally became known by the west, as it had to be translated into English first.

The Germans were welcomed as liberators due to this horrific genocide and the Russians are still pretending it didn’t happen, while the Jews are ordering them to forget about it.

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It is very important that people know about crimes committed BY Jews – so spread this recording as far and wide as you can!

– BDL1983

Australian Universities are not as “LGBTI Inclusive” as they could be

May 12th, 2015
At the rate we're going, this will be our next flag in Australia...

At the rate we’re going, this will be our next flag in Australia…

This is a bit of a laugh or a recipe to make you feel sick, depending on what sort of mood you’re in:

From ABC News:

Many Australian universities are not doing enough to include lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) students, a Human Rights Commission assessment has found.

The Human Rights Commission has assessed universities and launched a national guide to determine each institution’s LGBTI inclusiveness.

“This is the first time Australian universities have been assessed on their anti-discrimination policies, health and welfare support, staff training and other measures to ensure LGBTI inclusiveness,” Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson said.

“It is an important first step towards making Australian universities safer, more inclusive places for LGBTI people.”

In preparing the guide, the Commission found that only a fraction of Australia’s universities live up to their anti-discrimination commitments.

“Australian universities are making progress in building a culture of inclusiveness and respect for LGBTI students and staff, but a number of concerning issues still remain,” Commissioner Wilson said.

The LGBTI University Guide was developed as a collaboration between the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, Star Observer, Transgender Victoria, Out for Australia and Organisation Intersex International Australia.

Justin Koonin, convenor of the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, said that while some institutions offer financial support, tailored career advice and gender-neutral toilets, other universities have a lot more work to do.

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What would we do without the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) students, or the Human Rights Commissar Tim Wilson, or the culture of inclusiveness, or the LGBTI University Guide, or the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, or the Star Observer, or Transgender Victoria, or Out for Australia, or Organisation Intersex International Australia, or most importantly, gender-neutral toilets?

Maybe living in a sane society….. Just a wild guess.

But, you can forget that for now because:

Welcome to Australia - the land of the little red book!

Welcome to Australia – the land of the little red book!

Seriously, where does the Marxist madness end folks? I don’t even know how they can dream up any more acronyms for their degeneracy, or any more organisations with weird names. It’s truly amazing – the shit they come up with!

Anyway, please support the “Expel The Parasite Society For People Who Discriminate And Oppose Communism Because We Feel Compelled To As White Heterosexuals”. The Australian “ETPSFPWDAOCBWFCTAWH” organisation, if you like acronyms! The lefties will have to get up damn early to come up with a bigger acronym than that one! Hahaha!!

– BDL1983

Adolf Hitler states that Christianity is the basis of the entire morality of NS Germany!

May 11th, 2015

You don’t get much clearer than that, and Adolf Hitler was certainly no liar!

Click to visit

Click to visit

White Racial Identity

To all the numb-skulls who think Hitler was a pagan –

The choices are:

1.) Adolf Hitler understood how Christianity worked and that is why he always spoke positively of it and promoted it to his people, or

2.) he was a liar and deceiver who was outwardly dishonest toward his people, whilst secretly harbouring the opposite feelings.

The first option is so obviously the truth that it is mind-boggling how anyone claiming to be a National Socialist could believe the second. Although, I suppose for the willfully blind among us, a few heresay Hitler quotes (Table Talk for example) will always be enough for them to believe that Hitler was an occultist anti-Christ, despite Hitler affirming Christianity in most of his speeches and never saying a word against it!

Hitler was not a contradiction in ideology or action. People that believe the second option are though. Most are too arrogant to ever realise it and are happy being poor judges of character and basically idiots – sorry, but it’s true.

I will be writing something up in the near future about this topic by the way, but I’m not quite sure when.

– BDL1983

VIDEO: BBC Sunday Politics South East

May 10th, 2015

UKIP’s Mark Reckless speaks to BBC’s Sunday Politics South East show following his general election defeat in Rochester and Strood.

Hitler’s War – The Last Christian Crusade

May 8th, 2015

The great deception of WW2 was to fool all Christians of the allied forces to fight for communism against the Christian armies of Germany and her Christian allies.

Dennis Wise’s YouTube Channel

The imagery in that video says more than a thousand words.

– BDL1983

Guest Blog: Strood GP endorses UKIP’s Mark Reckless

May 6th, 2015

WP_20150223_050In two days people in Medway will be making a choice about who should be entrusted to represent them in the government for the next 5 years. This choice will determine how things shape up in Medway and in the country and whether life will continue to be a struggle or things will ease and whether we would see progress or stagnation.

This right to vote is not just a privilege, it is a great responsibility. There is no choice of staying at home and saying – ‘Nothing will change, so why vote.’ If you say that, you are underestimating your voice and by doing so, you forfeit the right to demand accountability from your leaders.

When you cast your vote, it is important to remember that you are voting for people not just Parties because, ultimately, it is the people and their ethos that count. You want a strong MP who will stand by you, your interests and values even if his Party may not approve it. Someone who believes that his hometown is where he belongs and remains loyal to his supporters even though placed in an ivory tower. Someone who is tried and trusted and has not belied hopes. Someone who is Mark Reckless!

We at Marlowe Park Medical Centre remember your hard work and stand by you – go for it Mark!

Dr Sanjeev Juneja, Marlowe Park Medical Centre, Strood

Landser – “Republik der Strolche” Compact Disc

May 5th, 2015
Landser - "Republik der Strolche" Compact Disc One of Landser's first compact discs, absolute NS classic: 1. Landser 2. Kein Herz Für Marxisten 3. Klan Song 4. Mord In Ahrensbök 5. Ian Stuart 6. Signal Zum Aufstand 7. Kleine Kommi-Schweine 8. K.P.S. 9. Xenophobia 10. Republik Der Strolche 11. Afrika Lied 12. Allein Machen Sie Dich Ein 13. Schala-lala-li 14. Koma Kolonne Mp3 Download Landser - Ian Stuart (5.5 mb)

D.S.T. ‎(Deutsch Stolz Treue) – “Wehret Den Anfängen” Compact Disc

May 5th, 2015
D.S.T. ‎(Deutsch Stolz Treue) – "Wehret Den Anfängen" Compact Disc 1. M.V.S. 2. Hängt Sie Höher 3. Bomber Harris 4. Wut, Zorn Und Hass 5. Free Palästina 6. Hammer Oder Amboss 7. The Nation 8. Vater Und Sohn 9. Willkommen 10. Antifaschistischer Schutzwall 11. Blackwater 12. Werde Unsterblich 13. Schlageter

Weisse Wölfe – “Terror Machine” Compact Disc

May 5th, 2015
Weisse Wölfe - "Terror Machine" Compact Disc 1. Intro 2. Weisse Wölfe 3. Fels In Der Brandung 4. Ungeist Dieser Zeit 5. Solang Mein Herz 6. Der Kampf Geht Weiter 7. Indiziert 8. Was Wird Passieren..? 9. Danke 10. Unsere Zeit Wird Kommen 11. Time For Vengeance 12. Sieh Nicht Weg 13. Freiheit 14. Helge Der Hetzer 15. On The Streets 16. Mags Krachen... 17. 18. Januar 18. C18 (Live) 19. Wir Lieben Unser Land (Live) 20. Mehr Als Nur Ein Wort (Live)