Pluton Svea – “Battle Shout” Compact Disc

October 6th, 2015
Pluton Svea - "Battle Shout" Compact Disc 01. Hail The Swastika (Us Version) 02. Bodybag Boogie 03. Who Likes A Nigger? 04. Battle Shout 05. Skinhead Girl 06. Stand By Me 07. European Skinhead Army 08. The New Stormtroopers 09. Stöveltramp (Live) 10. Genom Kamp Till Seger (Live) 11. Nordmän (Live) 12. Nu Drar Stormavdelningen Ut (Live) 13. Öga För öga (Live)

Natural Born Killers – “Natural Born Killers” Compact Disc

October 6th, 2015
Natural Born Killers - "Natural Born Killers" Compact Disc 01. Natural Born Killers 02. We Are The Youth Of Adolf Hitler 03. Combat 18 04. Skinhead 05. Rudolf Hess (prisoner Of Peace) 06. No Surrender! 07. Justice 08. Tomorrow We Live 09. Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Fuhrer! 10. Real Planet Of The Apes

Panzerfaust – “Hail Sweden” Compact Disc

October 6th, 2015
Panzerfaust - "Hail Sweden" Compact Disc 1. Proud Of What I Am 2. Red Aggression 3. Behind Our Back 4. We Believe In Glory 5. Join The Fight 6. National Pride 7. Stand Strong 8. Fists Of Steel 9. The New Awakening 10. Send Them Back 11. Hail Sweden 12. See The Terror 13. Never Turn

Brigad Wotan – “Sverige i brand” Compact Disc

October 6th, 2015
Brigad Wotan - "Sverige i brand" Compact Disc 1. Sverige I Brand 2:08 2. Byte Av Befäl 1:16 3. Inkräktarna 2:18 4. Hämnat Land 3:31 5. Den Stolte Karolinen 3:02 6. Smash The Reds (Written-By – No Remorse) 1:50

10,000 Hearts – “One Beat: Tribute To Martin Cox” Compact Disc

September 30th, 2015
10,000 Hearts - "One Beat: Tribute To Martin Cox" Compact Disc Martin Cox has been around for many years as an activist and his involvement with bands such as Extreme Hatred. He is one of the GOOD GUYS. He's recently been battling health issues and this compilation is a fund raiser in his recovery efforts: 1. Brainwash - My Dreamland 2. Faustrecht - Fightback 3. Die Lunikoff Verschwörung - Field Of Green 4. Open Season - Race Riot 5. The Yardbombs - Extreme Hatred 6. Bound For Glory - The Path 7. Max Resist - I Can Hear The Thunder 8. Evil Inside - Hey 9. Rebel Devils - Now Is The Time 10. Ironwill - In My Eyes 11. Brainwash - Outline On The Street 12. Joe Hated - Judgement Day 13. Rebel Hell - Field Of Green 14. Final Verdict - I Am The Man 15. Faustrecht - Awake 16. Bulletproof - Injustice 17. Vox Havoc And The Dogs Of War - Fightback 18. Lightning Rod - I Am The Man 19. Attack - It's In Me 20. Sniper - W.P.W.W. 21. Hate StyleZ - The E.H. Medley

Skrewdriver – “Undercover” Compact Disc

September 29th, 2015
Skrewdriver - "Undercover" Compact Disc Over his infamous career, Ian Stuart Donaldson loved putting cover songs on both his solo productions and Skrewdriver records. This rare compact disc assembles all of the best onto one disc: 1. It's A Hard Road - Written-By – Young, Scott, Young 3:15 2. Back In Black - Written-By – Young, Johnson, Young 3:38 3. Paranoid - Written-By – Ward, Butler, Osbourne, Iommi 2:03 4. United - Written-By – Tipton, Downing, Halford 2:43 5. 19th Nervous Breakdown - Written-By – Richards, Jagger 1:56 6. Paint It Black - Written-By – Richards, Jagger 2:27 7. Jumping Jack Flash - Written-By – Richards, Jagger 2:53 8. Sympathy For The Devil - Written-By – Richards, Jagger 3:59 9. Johnny Joined The Klan - Written-By [Adapted From] – Chuck Berry 2:50 10. Devil's Right Hand - Written-By – Earle 3:19 11. Route 66 - Written-By – Troup 2:20 12. Won't Get Fooled Again - Written-By – Townshend 2:24 13. Behind Blue Eyes - Written-By – Townshend 2:45 14. Radar Love - Written-By – Hay, Kooymans 4:07 15. One In A Million - Written-By – Rose, McKagan, Stradlin, Slash (3), Adler 5:33 16. We Can't Be Beaten - Written-By – Anderson, Riley 3:18 17. Tuesday's Gone - Written-By – Rossington, Van Zant 4:32 18. Whiskey Rock'n'Roll - Written-By – Collins, Rossington, Van Zant 2:03 19. Sweet Home Alabama - Written-By – Rossington, King, Van Zant 3:45 20. Simple Man - Written-By – Rossington, Van Zant 4:53 21. In The Ghetto - Written-By – Davis 1:58

Nigel – “Ballad Session In The Netherlands” Compact Disc

September 29th, 2015
Nigel - "Ballad Session In The Netherlands" Compact Disc 1. Old Albion - Written-By – Skrewdriver 2. Behind Blue Eyes - Written-By – The Who 3. Remember Us - Written-By – Broadsword 4. Hand In Hand With The Devi - Written-By – Broadsword 5. Tomorrow Belongs To Me - Written-By – Skrewdriver 6. Ultimate Sacrifice - Written-By – Broadsword 7. Mississippi - Written-By – Celtic Warrior 8. Gone With The Breeze - Written-By – Skrewdriver 9. Winter - Written-By – Wolfseye 10. Tree Of Life - Written-By – No Remorse 11. Sorcerer Of Evil - Written-By – Celtic Warrior 12. Freedoms Flame - Written-By – White Lightning 13. The Flame That Never Dies - Written-By – No Remorse 14. We Rule - Written-By – White Lightning 15. Moonshine - Written-By – Wolfseye 16. Farewell Ian Stuart - Written-By – No Remorse 17. Invisible Empire - Written-By – No Remorse 18. European Friendship - Written-By – No Remorse

Garrison III (Deaths Head Ravenous Youngland Open Season) Compact Disc

September 29th, 2015
Garrison III (Deaths Head Ravenous Youngland Open Season) Compact Disc 1. Burnin 2. White Justice 3. Showdown 4. Stand One Stand All 5. Free 6. Thank God I'm A White Boy 7. Untitled

The Ubertones – “Mad Vandetta” 12 Inch Black Vinyl Record

September 29th, 2015
The Ubertones – "Mad Vandetta" 12 Inch Black Vinyl Record The Ubertones Mad Vandetta 12 Inch Black Vinyl Record The Ubertones are one of the hottest bands out there. When we had their compact discs, they sold out within weeks. These vinyl records are professionally pressed and are a must-own for all collectors! Track Listing: A1. Mad Vendetta A2. King For A Day A3. Barbecues And Barricades B1. Dead Men Tell No Tales B2. Rivers Of Blood

This Is Gonna Get Fuckin’ Ugly

September 28th, 2015

Well, Europe is being turned into a disgusting multiracial cesspool courtesy of the kikes and no country seems more willing than Germany to commit national suicide. No-one can say that we evil racist bastards haven’t been trying to warn people for years that this was coming; problem is no-one listened except the intelligent few. It’s too late for political solutions now, so basically the shit is going to hit the fan and Europe is going to descend into a war zone until the Aryan man decides to get his act together.

And you are about to learn why!

And you are about to learn why!

Here is an article showing the real nature of the Moslem (the original spelling of ‘Moslem’ as opposed to ‘Muslim’ is more offensive so I’m using that from now on) invaders.

From The Daily Mail:

This means trouble...

This means trouble…

On the busy shopping street in Giessen, a German university town twinned with Winchester, migrant Atif Zahoor tucks into a chicken dish with his brother and cousin at the curry restaurant Chillie To Go.

They have left good jobs back in Karachi, Pakistan, and now want to be Europeans.

In late July the three slipped into Germany with their wives and children, using illegal documents. They live together in a five-bedroom house, rented for them by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government, a 40-minute drive away from Giessen, which is home to the biggest migrants’ camp in the country.

‘We paid a trafficking agent for false visas to fly here to Germany,’ says 34-year-old Atif. ‘We claimed asylum and came to Giessen camp with other migrants. Three weeks ago, because we had families, they gave us a proper home.’

Atif is well-dressed and speaks perfect English. He used to be a transport manager at Karachi airport and is from a well-to-do family. Between mouthfuls of curry, he adds: ‘But there is violence between political gangs in Karachi. Lots of people are leaving for Europe. The trafficker decided that Germany was the place for us because it is welcoming refugees.’

Yet the raw truth is that Atif is not fleeing war or persecution. He is one of thousands of economic migrants getting into Germany as the EU’s immigration crisis grows bigger each day.

This week, David Cameron said Europe must send failed asylum claimants back to their own countries, while European Council president Donald Tusk has warned that millions more migrants are on their way and ‘the policy of open doors and windows’ must be scrapped.

They are tough words, but it’s action that is needed. As Jens Spahn, a deputy finance minister in Chancellor Merkel’s government, said this week: ‘Not everyone can stay in Germany, or in Europe. If people are coming for poverty reasons… we have to send them back.’

Mrs Merkel’s offer last month to accept all refugees from war-ravaged Syria opened the floodgates. More than a million migrants are expected this year alone, the bulk of them far from genuine asylum seekers. There is now deepening disquiet in this Christian country, dotted with churches, that it is being overwhelmed by people of a different religion and culture.

How can anyone not realize that these bastards are useless parasites?

How can anyone not realize that these bastards are useless parasites?

Yesterday, the Mail reported how social workers and women’s groups in Giessen wrote a letter to the local state parliament claiming that rape and child abuse were rife in the refugee camp. The allegations were corroborated by Atif over his curry. ‘The camp is dangerous,’ he agreed. ‘Men of different nationalities fight and women are attacked.’

The letter says the camp, far from being a peaceful haven for those fleeing war, is a dangerous melting-pot, where there have been ‘numerous rapes and sexual assaults, and forced prostitution’.

There are even reports of children being raped and subjected to sexual assault, it adds.

‘Many women have felt the need to sleep in their clothes… they won’t go to the toilet at night because rapes and assaults have taken place on their way to, or from, there. Even in daylight, a walk through the camp is fraught with fear.’

Controversially, the letter suggests that in the migrants’ culture, women are viewed differently: ‘It is a fact that women and children are unprotected. This situation is opportune for those men who already regard women as their inferiors and treat unaccompanied women as “fair game”.’

Many migrant women have fled here to escape forced marriages or female genital mutilation, which are rife in some African and Middle Eastern countries. ‘They believe they have found safety in Germany,’ says the letter, ‘and realise it’s not the case.’

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These people invading Europe truly are scum and it is important to highlight the fact. Make sure you read the full article to make yourself puke while your blood boils!

For more information and analysis – click here: Germany is Counting Down to War in the Fatherland

– BDL1983