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Militant Black Groups Plan Armed Rally, Call for Vigilantism

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

The New Black Panther Party (NBPP) and New Black Liberation Militia (NBLM) are planning an armed rally in Sanford, Fla. later this month, Hatewatch has learned.

Speaking via phone from Jacksonville, where his group was holding a press conference with NBPP area spokesman Mikhail Muhammad, NBLM head Minister Prince Najee Shaka Muhammad today told Hatewatch that the armed rally, planned for April 21, is part of a crusade to obtain “justice” for Trayvon Martin, the black teenager whose shooting death in Sanford at the hands of a neighborhood watch volunteer has caused waves of outrage across America.

His hope is that today’s press conference will help mobilize “our people,” with the intent of “building up a black army and black militia” to “protect” the black community from aggression by “white supremacists” – which is, he said, “a trend.” Major topics of discussion at today’s gathering, he said, were the arrests yesterday of two white men in connection with a deadly and apparently racially motivated shooting spree that left three black people dead and two injured in Tulsa, Okla., and the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement’s (NSM) announcement that it planned to undertake patrols of Sanford. (Such patrols reportedly have not yet taken place.)

Jacksonville may not the only place where black separatists are rallying. According to a flier posted on the Facebook page of Tampa NBPP chapter president Clarence Steven Jones (who also goes by “Ali Muhammad”), NPBB National Chair Malik Zulu Shabazzwas to speak today at noon at an undisclosed location in the Tampa area. Both the Tampa and Jacksonville events are connected by last week’s announcement that today was to be a day of “action and absence” to “demand the arrest of George Zimmerman for the murder and racial profiling hate crime of Trayvon Martin.” (The shooting has not been declared a hate crime or even a crime at all – Zimmerman claimed self-defense and an investigation into allegations that he acted unlawfully is still under way.)

The NBPP and NBLM have been front and center among the many outsiders vying for the spotlight in the wake of Martin’s death in Sanford. As of late March, the NBPP was offering a $10,000 rewardfor Zimmerman’s “capture,” while the NBLM has announced plans to undertake a “citizen’s arrest” of Zimmerman.

NBPP had reportedly planned to conduct “self-defense” training for blacks in the Sanford area on the evening of April 7, but in an E-mail to Hatewatch, Sanford police said there were no reports confirming such activity.

Spokesmen for both NBPP and NBLM told Hatewatch they think Zimmerman was getting special treatment because his father is a former judge who is reportedly Jewish.

They also said they were not interested violence or vigilantism – denials which rang hollow in light of words like these, from Mikhail Muhammad to Hatewatch: “If you don’t do justice by the people, eventually people take justice into their own hands. … We live in a society where you either use the laws fairly and squarely or there aren’t going to be any laws that will be respected.”

The NBLM’s Najee Muhammad, a former NBPP “National Field Marshall” who told Hatewatch he founded the NBLM in 2010 because he felt constrained by the NBPP’s restrictions on military displays, was blunter. “When I found out about the [Jewish] background of that [Zimmerman] family, I said, ‘Uh-oh, ain’t nothing going to happen to that family unless we do it.’”

The militia leader, who bragged about “rolling” with members of the Crips and the Bloods and “rumbling” with police as a teen, grew up in Cleveland among radical black militants, many of them members of the Nation of Islam (NOI), a black separatist hate group whose rhetoric today is positively mild compared to that of the NBPP. He reminisced fondly about his father’s brother “Uncle Ahmed,” better known as Fred Evans, a black militant who died in jail after famously leading the “Glenville Shootout,” a 1968 Cleveland sniper attack on police that left several dead and caused a 5-day riot that the neighborhood in ruins.

Asked if he wanted to see another such event, Najee Muhammad equivocated. Insisting he respects authority and would not personally instigate violence, he said, “Uprising is going to happen by the nature of the cause.”

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Police deny claims by liberal bloggers, media that armed Neo-Nazis in Sanford

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

Are armed Neo-Nazis really patrolling the streets of Sanford, Florida?

According to an article at the Miami New Times:

Neo-Nazis are currently conducting heavily armed patrols in and around Sanford, Florida and are “prepared” for violence in the case of a race riot. The patrols are to protect “white citizens in the area who are concerned for their safety” in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting last month, says Commander Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement. “We are not advocating any type of violence or attacks on anybody, but we are prepared for it,” he says. “We are not the type of white people who are going to be walked all over.”

Predictably, a number of left wing blogs picked up the story and ran with it.

Pam Spaulding of Firedoglake wrote:

And the right wing said it wasn’t about race (on their side), didn’t they? Neo-Nazis have never been affiliated with the left; they’ve always been on the fringe anarchist/chaos/gov’t overthrow wing of the GOP, because there’s no way these white supremacists would vote Dem. After all, that party is polluted with black, brown…you know, the Mud People….

I thought the police department was there to protect all of Sanford’s citizens (when it’s not torpedoing its own bad police work/f’ing up cases involving black folks as victims), but as there’s nothing like having this paramilitary crowd with strong views on race stepping in to do the job. You know, like the KKK, it’s not intimidating at all.

The New York Daily News reported:

The Trayvon  Martin case is getting even more heated as armed neo-Nazis are reportedly  patrolling the streets of Sanford, Fla.-where the black, unarmed teen was shot  and killed.

A representative for the Detroit-based National Socialist movement told  the Miami New Times that his group of roughly 10 to 20 volunteers aren’t there  to start trouble, but are prepared to protect the “white citizens in the area”  in the event of race riots.

The Huffington Post and the Daily Beast also covered the story.

An article at The Blaze says neo-nazis are patrolling the streets as members of the New Black Panther Party were in town to lead a “Self Defense and Survival Training” session.

Gawker added:

We’ve been so busy talking about the Trayvon Martin case that we’ve ignored the “real victims” — innocent white people living in Sanford, Florida. Rest assured, these honest folks are now being taken care of by a patrol of armed Neo-Nazis preparing for a “race riot.”

Apparently, no one bothered to check with the Sanford Police Department to verify the story.

Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit asked Saturday: “Is there any evidence that this is actually happening in Sanford?”

William A Jacobsen of the blog Legal Insurrection, however, did the job the so-called mainstream media refused to do.

“Did anyone bother to contact the Sanford Police?  I did, and the Sanford Police deny any indication of Neo-Nazi groups patrolling in Sanford,” Jacobson wrote.

He added:

My initial e-mail (which included an embedded link to the Memeorandum thread):

“There are a number of reports in the media that Neo-Nazis are conducting armed patrols in Sanford.  Can you confirm or deny whether this is true, and provide any information you have on the subject? If someone is able to get back to me as soon as possible (and before Monday) that would be appreciated, since such rumors are spreading.”

Response from Sanford Joint Information Center:

“At this time the City of Sanford has not confirmed the presence of Neo-Nazis groups.”

My follow up:

“You say “not confirmed.” Is there any indication of such patrols that the Department is aware of?”

Further Response from Sanford Joint Information Center:

“We have no indication of any such patrols at this point in Sanford. The only large gathering was the children and their parents at the Easter egg hunt.”

We attempted to verify this with the Sanford Police Department, but have not heard back, perhaps due to the holiday weekend.

Mediaite – who initally reported the story as true – reported Jacobson’s exchange and added:

Jacobson is the only one to have statement from the police, and given the holiday weekend, chances are no new information will surface until Monday. In any case, the Miami New Times seem to have some explaining to do about their reporting if, indeed, the Sanford Police has no indication that their report.

But the Miami New Times is not the only outlet that needs to do some explaining.

Jacobson concluded:

I can’t say this is the worst example of rumor mongering and irresponsible conduct by bloggers and the mainstream media I have ever seen, but it’s a contender.

For The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, Mediaite, and The Daily News to spread such thinly-sourced claims without verification at a time when racial tensions already are high is irresponsible in the extreme.

At least three reports have surfaced at Examiner herehere and here, citing the initial Miami report.  It appears, however, those unverified reports may be premature.



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